05 April 2008


Okay, hi. I already have an unofficial blog, but under an agent-blog's suggestions (of having a 'professional' blog that 'my grandmother' can read) I've decided to open up a new one.

This blog is solely dedicated to my writing...whether it's the current word count on my novels, or complaints on how I haven't gotten any responses to my queries, I plan to talk about nothing except writing..

Oh and reading. Book reviews and such.

And although I'm pretty sure that no one will care and read this blog, I have personal reasons to start one. I'm a writer, and I write to think, to LIVE. Blogging is no exception.

1 comment:

  1. hi ln!!!!!!! ... ummmm, well i haf abosolutly no idea what to say, but i think that your novel is pretty good

    could u send me the newest version of it? the one i haf is slightly outdated

    good luck on getting published!!!! :] <33333



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